Thanks to all who have actively participated in Goddess Vasavi Matha Drawing and Colouring Competition 2020.

Every child deserves a huge round of applause from all of us. Everyone has done a splendid work.

Our sincere thanks to the parents who really motivated the children to participate in this contest. Our sincere thanks to our well-wishers who have spread a word out and encouraging the children to participate in this contest.

As communicated earlier, based on the judges’ input, it was very difficult to select just three people as winners. Hence, we have selected the winners with the help of Judges under four different categories, i.e., Colouring - Under 9 years, Drawing - Under 9 years, Colouring - 9 to 15 years, Drawing - 9 to 15 years.

Thanks for the parents and children who called us and said “Jai Vasavi”. Our sincere thanks to our Judges who helped us in shortlisting the winners. Yes it was a very difficult job.

May Goddess Sri Vasavi Kanyaka Parameswari bless you and your family with peace and prosperity. Jai Vasavi!

Winners of this contest:

Top 3 Colouring - Under 9 years

Top 3 Drawing - Under 9 years

Top 3 Colouring - 9 - 15 years

Top 3 Drawing - 9 - 15 years

Please note: Gift will be sent to the Winners' Home in a couple of weeks. We will call you shortly.


We are happy to share some of the statistics of this contest.

  • Drawing and Colouring entries from 115 Cities
  • 24,000 Likes for all 350+ albums
  • 1,32,000 Page Views
  • Visits from 44 Countries and 417 Cities around the world


  • Mrs. Saratha Hariharan, Chennai
  • Mrs. J. Bhuvanapriya, Pondicherry
  • Mrs. Deepa Ramakrishnan, Chennai
  • Mrs. Nisha Prajwalesh Gupta, Bangalore
  • Mrs. Meera Krishna, Bangalore


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